Cosmetic Bottle

Customized Cosmetic PET Bottles with Pump-P1

PET bottle:Supply bottles of various sizes and specifications, and the capacity can be customized according to customer needs;

Pump: matching various styles of pump, which can be customized for use with bottles;

Cosmetic PET bottle with all kinds of pumps.


 Customized Cosmetic PET Bottles with Pump

Product type


Bottle material


Bottle size

Customization available

Bottle capacity

Customization available on request

Bottle shape

Round / Shaped Customized

Bottle finish

Glossy / frosted / feel paint / 3D printing and other customization

Bottle color

Transparent / other colors are customized according to customer needs

Pump matching

Customization available on request

Pump material


Pump color

Customization available


In stock, free of charge

Minimum order quantity

10000 PCS

Suitable for

Beauty and skin care. Personal care. Beauty care

Formula type

Creams, lotions, gels, serums.

Filling capacity

Filling services available

Shipping method 

Air freight, sea freight

Payment method

Telegraphic Transfer, Letter of Credit, Western Union, MoneyGram