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Zetoo customizes professional beauty cosmetic packaging for you. In cosmetic packaging creative research and development, appearance design, we have our own design and entrepreneurial team. The company has 8 main mold equipment and 7 injection molding parts, which can realize independent production and customized design services.


All You Need To Know

You will be guided through the beauty packaging industry to understand the latest trends in the industry and confidently prepare for the future of the cosmetic packaging industry.

Product Style


Production base (m²)


Injection Equipment


Mould Equipment


Product Mold

Makeup and Skin Care

Product production

Fully Automated Production

Cosmetic mold customization

Mold Design

Mold design & product production

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Our Strengths

Fully automated production Equipment

The factory uses automated equipment production lines to have high stability in the production process. Product quality can also be more controllable and stable. In addition to saving labor, automated equipment production lines automate procedures, improve part accuracy, and reduce material waste in operations.

Product quality
Each production line has specialized professional quality inspectors to test to ensure product quality assurance.
Production Capacity
Clamshell series Nissan about 18000 / 24 hours
Hose cover series Nissan about 20000 sets/24 hours
Featured combination cover series Nissan about 10000 sets/24 hours
Production Design
Have your own product creative design team
Industry Certification
GMPC、MA、 SGS、 ISO management system certification.
Equipment management
Main equipment for injection molding: 7 injection molding parts, including two-color injection molding machine Main mold equipment: 8 sets, including CNC lathes, mirror spark machines, etc.;
Quality Assurance
Multi-layer personnel testing to ensure product quality

Cosmetics Production Customization

Our service

Comprehensively provide cosmetic product customization, product production, mold design, etc.
Pre-sale: Answer customer questions in detail, as long as you have questions, we will reply one by one, and various promotional activities will also notify customers in time.
Sales: Provide one-stop services such as own brand, design, packaging, production, etc. for cosmetic customers.
After-sales: After-sales pay attention to customer usage, if there is any problem, we will respond and deal with it as soon as possible.

Long-term partner

Brands such as L’Oreal, Perfect Diary, Sephora, Cazlan, Guerlain, Watsons and other brands are our long-term and stable customers.

Luxury Cosmetic Packaging, Biodegradable Cosmetic Packaging, Recyclable Cosmetic Packaging

Zingopackaging.com is pleased to welcome you to our store. We offer a wide range of quality Luxury Cosmetic Packaging made in China to help you make that first impression, regardless of whether you make your products or plan to start a skincare or candle business.

Among our clients are Seventh Generation, a high-volume client in the Cosmetic Tube Packaging, recyclable cosmetic packaging, and perfume industry, salons and spas, food and beverages, and small businesses with a more limited distribution network.

We offer various Types Of Cosmetic Packaging like –

  • Cosmetic Tubes Wholesale
  • plastic cosmetic bottles
  • Plastic Cosmetic Containers
  • Best Skincare Packaging
  • Biodegradable Skincare Packaging
  • Bulk Cosmetic Containers
  • cosmetic packaging wholesale usa

Packaging Guidelines Must Be Tested

It is not our responsibility to ensure that products are compatible. To ensure performance and suitability, you should test your Custom Cosmetic Containers and Cosmetic Product Packaging. Dispensing solutions of the highest quality are what we strive to provide. We specialize in packaging, so we cannot understand all the properties of your product since we aren’t experts in the formulation.

Leading beauty packaging suppliers

It is possible for different combinations of ingredients, including active ingredients and oils, to react with certain plastics and cause packaging problems. To ensure compatibility with all containers and closures, we provide you Sustainable Beauty Packaging.

As the leading Cosmetic Bottle Supplier, we ensure that your finished product will withstand the conditions, you must test all packaging with your finished product. Our Refillable Skincare Packaging range include

  • Custom Cosmetic Packaging
  • Custom Makeup Packaging
  • Custom Skincare Packaging
  • Luxury Skincare Packaging
  • minimalist skincare packaging
  • Packaging For Skin Care Products
  • Airless Cosmetic Bottles

Eco Friendly Cosmetic Containers Wholesale

As leading packaging manufactures Eco Friendly Cosmetic Packaging to provide the best packaging solutions for creams and serums. Get Eco Friendly Makeup Packaging and Empty Cosmetic Containers Wholesale!

Speed to Market

Generally, it takes 6-12 months for a product to reach a customer from concept to delivery. However, zingopackaging.com can deliver new Cosmetic Packaging For Small Business to customers within 90 days.

Cosmetic Packaging Containers in Competitive Pricing

Zingopackaging.com’s competitive pricing continues to be driven by strategic investments and innovative manufacturing technologies.

Production Capacity

Over 600 million pieces are produced each year by zingopackaging.com ‘s automated assembly lines and high-performance machines.

Custom Solutions

With the help of engineers, customers can develop custom packaging solutions that fit their every need.


Cosmetic Packaging Companies up to 100% is available from zingopackaging.com. In addition, zingopackaging.com has designed and patented fully recyclable Sustainable Skincare Packaging.

Strategic Partners

Zingopackaging.com has partnerships and investments in several Wholesale Skincare Packaging manufacturers due to its long-term presence overseas.

Online Catalog

Online ordering of Wholesale Cosmetic Containers in nearly any quantity is our goal, and we aim to make it easy and convenient for our customers. In a quick and secure online transaction, our Web-based catalog lets you quickly find and order what you need, right when you need it. Our goal is to ship orders as quickly and reliably as possible.

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