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45mm Diameter Customized Shampoo Tubes with Two-Color Plaid Center-Dispensing Caps

1. The cap is mounted on the head of the tube in the form of a combination cap, just gently rotate it, the middle outlet can be opened and the material can be extruded.

Easy to use and prevent the cap from being lost and dropped after being screwed out of the tube head.

2. We have patented two-colour injection moulding process for the outer lid, which can be customized with patterns and logos according to customer needs.

3. The surface of the lid is made of soft skin material, with a soft and comfortable frosted pattern, which feels good in the hand when used.

Using D45 two-color plaid center-dispensing caps,match to D45 standard round tubes.

D45 Round Tubes with D45 Two-Color Plaid Center-Dispensing Caps

Product type


Tube Diameter

D45 mm

Tube material

PE / PCR / sugarcane material

Tube shape


Tube printing process

Glossy / frosted / hand lacquered / 3D printed etc. to order

Tube capacity

100ml - 150ml  available on request

Cap type

D45 mm

Cap material


Cap outlet

4.2 mm

Cap colour

Customization available

Cap finish



In stock, free of charge

Minimum order quantity

10000 PCS

Suitable for

Beauty and skin care. Personal care. Beauty care

Formula type

Creams, lotions, gels, serums.

Filling capacity

Filling services available

Shipping method 

Air freight, sea freight

Payment method

Telegraphic Transfer, Letter of Credit, Western Union, MoneyGram