Application of Zhenggao two-color injection molding in cosmetic packaging

September 01 , 2023

technical background:
The packaging of cosmetic hoses uses PE hoses and covers to form an economical and practical set.
Among them, there are many kinds of covers, which can be distinguished from the material aspect.
Mainly made of PP, some with electroplating or painting process,
There are also acrylic outer covers, assembled with PP inner covers, and electroplating on the surface, highlighting the shiny texture
There is also the application of spray paint to add a matte frosting effect and a beautiful appearance color

PP material is suitable for most cosmetic materials, so it is widely used and is a recyclable material. However, after the surface is processed twice using electroplating, spray painting, silk screen and other processes, during the processing, the The environment causes pollution, and at the same time, recycling after processing becomes difficult, or even non-recyclable, which is an extremely waste of resources.

The two-color injection molded cover can solve this problem very well
Using PP raw materials and TPE/TPR elastic plastic, it is injection molded in 2 times. By optimizing the product design, the lid has 2-3 color combinations, and the unique shape, pattern, logo and other design elements are color-matched, eliminating the need for 2 times. Material loss caused by processing, while avoiding environmental pollution caused by chemical raw materials produced by electroplating and inks used in silk screen printing.
From the perspective of material recycling, PP and TPE can be mixed and used together. They are both environmentally friendly and recyclable materials. After the customer has used the packaging material, the entire lid can be mixed, broken, and recycled, making recycling easy.

Judging from the texture of the cover, the use of TPE elastic plastic not only highlights the two-color effect, but also increases the touch feel and achieves a silky feel similar to skin. When customers use the cover, they will have a good touch feeling. This is electroplating Effects that spray paint cannot achieve

Zhenggao has been committed to two-color injection molding of cosmetic caps for many years, and has independently developed a variety of two-color caps, and at the same time provides customers with technical support services for two-color caps.

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