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PCR Plastic Cosmetic Tube Series

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Although cosmetics are not a necessity, their mission of beautifying life makes them a huge business opportunity and a consumer market that cannot be ignored. With the increasingly fierce competition in the cosmetics market, cosmetic hose merchants have made great efforts in cosmetics packaging and promotion to expand the sales share of their products. To say that the easy to use cap, it must be my family's center hole cap. Our supply of patented technology two-color diamond-shaped leather appearance center hole spout screw cap with a variety of customized hose, if you are looking for this product, you can take a look at our center hole cap and hose series products, the outer cap: patented design, exclusive leather pattern two-color injection molding process, using environmentally friendly materials TPE injection, the surface is soft to the touch, can be customized two-color; logo inner cap: logo customization, rotating the cap, open Middle spout, PP material rotate the lid to open the middle spout, you can squeeze out cosmetics. The inner lid fits closely with the head of the hose, rotate the outer lid to use, no need to rotate the lid out of the head, easy to use. Hose: PE material, capacity and length can be customized according to customer needs. Reasons for choosing our company: ◾ The cap is mounted on the head of the tube in the form of a combination cap, which can be gently turned to open the middle outlet and extrude the material. It is easy to use and prevent the cap from being lost or dropped after screwing out the tube head. ◾ Patented two-color injection molding process for the outer cover, customizable patterns and logos according to customer needs. ◾ Cap surface is made of soft leather, exclusive leather pattern design, pattern high-grade, soft and comfortable, good hand feeling. ◾ The surface of the tube can be processed in many ways: glossy, frosted, hand-painted, 3D printing, etc. ◾ Public products have their own mass production molds, supply is guaranteed.
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    Hello, we are the only source supplier and service provider of cosmetic packaging materials in the world. Are you a cosmetic manufacturer? Or other daily chemical manufacturers? Because we provide B-side enterprise services, we do not do retail for the time being.